Environment and Energy

Mitta Oy on ympäristön tilan selvittämisen asiantuntija


Water bed survey and shore area mobile laser scanning

We produce full coverage bathymetry by using AquaticSonar -wide angle survey system (www.aquaticsonar.com). It is excellent survey system specially shallow water applications. The survey coverage is the widest in the market so the system produces water bed data very close to shore line.

Simultaneous mobile laser scanning of the shore area extends data coverage significantly. Both technique data reaches close to each other.

Discharge measurements

ADCP-profiler is the device we use for to produce discharge sections. The Q-data is usefull for hydraulic and environmental modelling and monitoring.

Ice cover and Frazil ice measurement

Ground Penetrating Radar is the modern technique to produce this information.

Water way maintenance

Water way maintenance includes maintenance and mounting of the stationary and floating structures in the inland water areas.

Port survey

We have produced high guality port surveys and approach channel surveys for use of port authorities.


Director, Environment and Energy
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Veli-Pekka Sirniö, +358 405 568 592

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