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3D Machine Control Services

3D-machine control can be described as a system which covers the equipment with number of sensors and a display made for guiding the machine operator in earthworks.Machine control system makes it easier to operate the machine (e.g. dozer or excavator) thus helping the operator to achieve a successful, more productive performance without rework. Machine control system can also be integrated with the hydraulics of the machine which makes it possible to use the machine automatically, although it is possible to use the system only as a guidance system when the operator controls the machine.

Machine control can be applied in numerous tasks on a jobsite and by a number of different kinds of equipment. Main procedure for working with a machine control system is first to upload a blueprints made by the designer into the system. After uploading the blueprints, the sensors send the information about the machine (position, the angle of the scoop, etc…) into the screen inside the cockpit which guides the operator throughout every step of the work. The positional information of the machine can be gathered by using a total station or a satellite navigation.

Mitta Oy – machine control services

The popularity of the machine control systems increases all the time. There are even projects which supervisors demand using the machine control systems, therefore the traditional method of staking during the setting-out is not needed at the site. When new solutions are being taken into use, usually the investments with the information gathering can be challenging. Mitta Oy offers services for contractors to take most of the benefits by using the machine control systems without large investments.


When using the 3D-machine control systems there will be no need for marking the objects shown in blueprints, as the blueprints are being transferred into the main computer of the machine control system digitally. Therefore it’s important to model the objects precisely, and only the essential information about the jobsite will be saved into the machine control system. Sometimes the information to start the work with can be paper-printed documents about the site, in which case the documents has to be digitalized in order to use it for modelling purposes. Our company can model the structural layers of the jobsite as well as line-shape objects such as pipes, electric wires and save the information into right coordinate system with correct file formats.


The fast progress of technical equipment during computer-era makes it possible to apply powerful computers in machine control systems. Although the circumstances in jobsites can be difficult for computer parts due to dust, moisture and vibration. Our skilled staff will gladly assist you find the best possible solution to meet your needs for the machine control systems.


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