Our skilled staff along with modern surveying equipment ensures the success of your construction projects

Engineering Surveying

Mapping can be defined as visually representing the surface of the earth or some certain elements of a land on a map. The information of the surface of the earth can be gathered by using different surveying methods and devices, such as by total station, satellite navigation, laser scanning or by aerial photography. The survey results can be used for generating the desired map by emphasizing certain terrain elements of the targeted area.

Base maps for urban planning

Base maps for urban planning are used for zoning, site planning and land lot distribution purposes. Our skilled personnel always perform their survey projects with modern and calibrated equipment and using best suitable survey methods and proper instructions.

Terrain models

Terrain models are used for showing the characteristics and locations of physical sructures e.g. buildings or roads as they are situated on the ground, as well as trees, ditches and other notable physical terrain elements are being drawn on the map. The final layouts are then delivered to customers in numeric form and in the desired coordinate system.

Cable mapping

Nowadays there are even more and more subterrain cables installed under the surface of the earth. By mapping the exact location of the cable during the installation makes it possible to save the locational data into a specific cable database. Also by using modern cable tracking devices, it is possible to locate underground cable even after it has been installed to the ground.

Property mapping

The calculation of the size of a property by using traditional calculation methods can be challenging and inaccurate when applied to vast or complex areas. Mitta Oy provides surveying services for these purposes as the surveying is always performed by using high-precision, calibrated surveying devices.


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3D, laser scanning and machine control
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Eastern Finland (Kuopio)
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