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Laser Scanning

3D Laser Scanning is the method and technology that captures environments, structures and objects in 3D in the form of millions of 3D points.  The resulting data is called a Point Cloud.  The data is captured in real-time and is the definitive measured record for many types of projects.


We use the most advanced scanning systems like the Z+F IMAGER® 5010X with indoor Navigation system and GPS for instant automatic registration in the field.

It has a unique navigation system which works outdoors and, as an industry-first, also indoors! It will estimate the current position and orientation of the scanner to support the registration algorithm to automatically find the correct solution. The scanner will also track your movements while carrying the device on to the next setup and hence provides position estimation for the registration process.


We have also various scanner types for different environments e.g. borehole-deployable slimline laser scanner (diameter 50mm) for the accurate mapping of inaccessible mines, voids and cavities.


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3D, laser scanning and machine control
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