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UAS Aerial Photographing

UAS (unmanned aircraft system) is an aircraft system which can be used for easily and effortlessly photographing areas from the air. The electric-motor operated fully automatic unmanned airplane is a silent and safe method of performing aerial photographing. As the flight altitude is between 100 and 150 metres, the pilot’s licence is not needed for the UAS-operations.

Typically, the size of the photographed area is between 10 and 300 hectares, from which will be created an accurate orthomosaic image with DSM point cloud. The DSM point cloud can be used for generating precise surface model for mass calculation- and designing purposes. The accuracy of the aerial photography done by UAS-method corresponds the accuracy standards of traditional aerial photography. The point clouds photogrammetrically generated from the collection of images are being positioned into the coordinate system by using signal points placed inside the flight area.


We operate with  Belgium-made Gatewing X100, Slovenian-made Bramor fixed wing UAV-systems and Norwegian-made multi rotor system CAMFlight-8. 

Orthomosaic and DSM

Orthomosaic image is a coordinate-positioned set of aerial photos, which are geometrically in level and the tonal gradation of the images are in balance. The images can also be saved into a specific coordinate system with different file formats.

A Digital Surface Model (DSM) stands for a three-dimensional digital elevation model of the terrain’s surface, which follows the surface with buildings and vegetation. The DSM can be delivered to the customer as a point cloud data (e.g. 4 points / m²) or as a grid (e.g. 0,5 m² square). The characteristic information of the points can be defined by the RGB-colour codes from the orthomosaic image, which increases illustrating the point cloud. The point cloud data doesn’t include any polylines, therefore the surveying of polylines can be performed separately if needed.


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